Autumn in Rannoch

As the glorious golden colours transform the beautiful Scottish countryside into its Autumnal glory, there is still plenty to see and do around Rannoch;

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre is known as Scotland’s theatre in the hills. The building its self is beautiful and placed in stunning surroundings. As well as being able to enjoy a show at the theatre, you can also browse through the festival shop which is filled with a range of local goods. For art lovers, there is the festival gallery, which showcases over 200 different works all created by some of Scotland’s most renowned artists.

The theatre offers a range of activities to enjoy. You can experience backstage tours, writing workshops and other seasonal events.

The festival theatre is also home to the Scottish plant hunters garden. The gardens celebrate the work of Scottish botanists who explored the world, bringing back samples of plants from across the globe. You can enjoy tours of the gardens if you are in a group of 8 or more and will need to book in advance for this experience.

Taste of Perthshire

The taste of Perthshire is a great shopping and dining location. The site offers an opportunity to enjoy the best of Perthshire all under one roof. A great choice in case the weather brings typical autumn showers.

The shopping offers you a range of options, from sculptures and ornaments to keepsakes and jewellery as well as clothing and seasonal goods. The restaurant serves food all day and has an outdoor play area for the kids. If you fancy a little taste of nature there is a nature walk that takes you past the stables and fields of some local highland cows.

Rannoch Marathon

The Rannoch marathon occurs in October every year. The race has a lot of history behind it having started in the 1980s. Originally the race was part of the Scottish Championships. After a short hiatus, the marathon was restated in 2015. It is considered a must-do course for anyone who competes in marathons.

The route offers beautiful scenic views of both shores of Loch Rannoch. Whether you want to compete in the race or simply cheer on the brave souls who are taking on the challenge, it is a great experience.

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