Kinloch Rannoch sits at the eastern edge of Loch Rannoch. If you are looking for a beautiful and gentle cycle route, then the loop around the lock is the perfect cycle route to try out. It’s around 22 miles in length. The route is flat and generally mostly free of traffic. There is some excellent picnic stops on the northern shore of the loch so you can plan your journey to stop for a meal here.

The views across the loch and of the surrounding woodlands are stunning, and will certainly make the miles fly by.

The roads around Loch Rannoch is part of the Etape Caledonia. The event is held each year in May, and places sell out well in advance. There is both an 85 and a 40-mile route. The routes are published online, so even if you aren’t able to take part in the event you can ride the routes and find out why so many people are drawn to the area and the Etape.

The roads around Kinloch Rannoch

The roads around Kinloch Rannoch offer a variety of route options. The drama of the mountains and the quiet country roads are interspersed with rivers, hills and lochs. This allows you to craft a route that suits the level of difficulty you enjoy. Whichever route you pick you will be able to enjoy the delights of the highlands of Perthshire.

There are several different rides that you can start from Kinloch Rannoch. To vary your routes there are several nearby alternate starting locations. Pitlochry and Carie are both good options.

If you’re more interested in off-road biking, then you might be interested in exploring the black wood of Rannoch. There is a range of forestry tracks the criss-cross through the woods. If you park up in the layby near the Dall Estate you’ll only be a short ride from the woods. You can pick your routes through the woods to give you a loop that takes you up the summit and back down towards your starting point.

Whether you decide to stay local to the village or to explore further afield, you are going to enjoy some memorable bike rides.

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