Rannoch Highland Gathering

Saturday 17th August 2024 From 12pm

The Rannoch Games, or Rannoch Highland Gathering as it is also known, is a traditional highland games event. While attracting many visitors, these highland games are taken very seriously with genuine competitiveness within the local community. Historically, the games have always taking place on the third Saturday in August in the hope that the Kinloch Rannoch weather will be kind.

Offering a traditional, genuine highland games event, it is certainly not to be missed and promises fun for both locals and visitors, children and adults.

Rannoch Games

The Rannoch Games events

As well as stalls and entertainment, the main attraction of the Rannoch Highland Gathering is the competitive events which include;

Craig Varr Hill Race

An event for the fittest, the Craig Varr hill race is a 1.6km event with a 305m height difference. Competitors must complete a circuit of the field and then run to the top of Craig Varr, after having their hand stamped at the top, competitors must run back to the finish line in the field. The event has been running since 1958 with people vying to break the current records.

Tug o War

Another popular event of the day is the local ‘North vs South’ Tug o War. For local pride, the strongest folk battle it out for their allegiance to the north or the south. Everyone gets involved in rooting for the teams. Even visitors from outside the area find themselves cheering on their favourite team. Which compass point will come out on top?

Tossing the Caber

Considered the pinnacle of the heavy events, tossing the caber is an incredible feat of strength which is designed to impress. One of the most historical events to feature in the Highland Games, it is suspected that tossing the caber was used to cross rivers and breach barricades during wartime. Typically the caber weighs around 80kg, while strength is important, the right technique is essential.

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