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Based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, the television series, Outlander has attracted an enormous following and received rave reviews. In just three seasons and 42 episodes in total, Outlander has been a huge success in the UK and America.

Located approximately 18 miles from the village of Kinloch Rannoch, Rannoch Station is one of the most remote railway stations in the British Isles. The station building itself sits on a small island between the “up” line and the “down” line.

After a lifespan of just over 40 years, Rannoch School closed in 2002. It is widely accepted that this was partly the result of fewer parents wanting to send their children boarding school and partly due to the school’s extremely remote location.

There is evidence of settlement in the area surrounding Kinloch Rannoch from as far back as 500AD when the missionary St. Blane arrived although the name remains a mystery, as the word “kinloch” means head of a loch, rather than the foot, where the village is located.

Loch View
Stunning Views

The name of Kinloch Rannoch comes from the Gaelic term of ‘Ceann Loch’ meaning ‘end of the loch’. With this, Kinloch Rannoch benefits from beautiful loch-side views as well as the stunning countryside.

Lots of Activities

Kinloch Rannoch is a popular place to visit thanks to its picture-postcard views. The area is ideal for tourists as it hosts many activities which makes the most of the great outdoors in all types of Kinloch Rannoch weather.


In the heart of Perthshire, between significant settlements of Perth and Kinross, it is easily accessible. The village provides peace and tranquillity while benefiting from the large towns just a short drive away.

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